5 Unknown Facts of Whatsapp

We all use whatsapp are well aware of the features and functionality of whatsapp which is, the best in it’s category, but in this article we will introduce to the five unknown facts about whatsapp which only a few people know, keep reading and find them out.

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Whatsapp needs no introduction, we all have used it or currently using it.

There are many other options of whatsapp messenger, almost same applications featuring almost the same features but whatsapp was the first in the race, and the only one which is still prevailing the market.

5 Unknown Facts Of Whatsapp

More than eight hundred million successful downloads have been registered on Play Store providing solid grounds to the popularity and the best functionality of the app.

Whatsapp connects us with our contacts and made it a lot more easier to stay connected and updated about the happnings in your small world.

But what are the things that you don’t know about your favourite social platform? What are the unknown facts of whatsapp which only few of us are known to? We here are providing the answer to that, the five unknown facts of whatsapp which most of us do not know.

Facebook Owns Whatsapp

Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19 billion, as stated by the CEO of Facebook in the press conference right after making the deal with it’s founders. the deal was made in – $12 billion in stock, $4 billion in cash, and $3 billion in restricted stocks which will be released to WhatsApp employees after 4 years. This means at the time of deal, facebook paid $42 for every whatsapp user!

Has never spent a dollar on marketing

Ever wonder what is the reason of ad free interface? The sleek design, pure messaging experience.

Whatsapp was the first to feature the pure social experience and with it’s popularity came the perks, it never needed any advertising to promote and never made any buck by advertising stuff. Just great!

The most number of users per employee

Whatsapp has the highest ratio of active users per employee, the most efficient and productive company in the category, much ahead of it’s competitions. About 27 billion messages were being sent each day as in June 2013 which is increasing day by day.

Was founded by two former employees of Yahoo!

Whatsapp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 and since it’s start it was clear the app is revolutionary in the social media experience.

Both of them sat for interviews for Facebook and Twitter but got rejected.

After rejection Jan tweeted – “Facebook turned me down. It was great opportunity to work with some fantastic people, looking forward to life’s next adventure.” and after some time, both proved their their potential.

Has security Issues

Whatsapp has serious security issues, one can access messages associated with an specific account by following instructions provided by various hacking sites.

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